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Competence Centre for Catalysis

Catalysis plays a key-role in improving urban air quality by reducing emissions from stationary and mobile sources. Catalysis will continue to play a crucial role in the exhaust abatement from new types of energy-efficient engines using conventional or alternative fuels. Furthermore, catalysis will most likely be essential in the transformation of the energy system toward more sustainable solutions in fuel production, for increased energy efficiency and in energy conversion processes. Our vision is to contribute, with catalytic techniques, to sustainable transport, energy and environmental systems.

The Competence Centre for Catalysis, KCK,  is since 1995 an interdisciplinary research centre within heterogeneous catalysis at Chalmers. The research is focused on catalysis for emission control with a growing share of energy related catalysis. It is executed in three main programs; Reduction of nitrogen oxides in excess oxygen, Oxidation of hydrocarbons and particulates, Catalytic techniques for sustainable energy systems.

The research programs are closely related with strong synergies, where the common themes are energy, emissions and catalysis. Of special importance for the successful research in the centre is the strong connection between experimental and theoretical activities, the collaboration between different disciplines at Chalmers and the close involvement in the projects by the member companies.

KCK is financially supported by Chalmers University of Technology, the Swedish Energy Agency and the member companies: AB Volvo, ECAPS AB, Haldor Topsøe A/S, Scania CV AB, Volvo Car Corporation AB and Wärtsilä Finland Oy.

Competence Centre for Catalysis – Chalmers University of Technology – SE-412 96 Göteborg – Sweden