SSF program:
Catalysts Functionalized for Demanding Environments

The Research Program

In the project, we want to develop alumina-based catalysts that are functionalized for:

  1. Reduction of NOx in oxygen excess (allowing for energy efficient combustion) using selective catalytic reduction with hydrocarbons as reducing agent. In particular, the promising formulations based on Al2O3 with small Ag clusters will be considered.

  2. Total oxidation of methane. This is an important reaction from the point of view of emission control in future energy efficient combustion drivelines, e.g., HCCI and HHEGR combustion and/or alternative fuels like natural gas and biofuels. Palladium, platinum and rhodium functionalized Al2O3 coatings will be considered.

  3. High temperature catalysts. The development of stable alumina-based surface layers for demanding environments (including harsh reaction conditions) is a long standing issue of general interest.


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