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I am involved in the following courses:

FTF140/FY300 Termodynamik och statistisk fysik,
Course for F3,GU (2020-)

TIF100 Tillämpad kvantfysik,
Course for F3 (2010-2019)

Catalytic emission control,
Course for PhD students (2003-2009)

FKA121 Computational Physics,
Course for F4, GU, PhD students (2006-2009)

TIF035 Computational Materials Physics,
Course for F4, GU, PhD students (2009-)

FYP040 Kemisk Fysik A,
GU course (2006-2007)

KTK010 Katalys,
Course for K4 (2003-)

 Master thesis projects

Contact me if you are interested in doing a Master thesis within theoretical catalysis, surface or cluster science. we have several suggestions for projects including first-principles calculations or simulations of reaction kinetics.

Previous master thesis in the group are:

Enhanchang ammonia storage by tailoring zeolite doping by David Schorling (2020).

First Principles Calculations of Molecular Entropies in Zeolites by Philip Edenborg (2019).

Hydrogen on PdAu surfaces: Diffusion and segregation by Unni Engedahl (2016).

Study of Van der Waals effects in gold-thiolate systems by Julia Alwan (2015).

A first principles study of NOx adsorption on ATiO3 perovskite surfaces by Brita Abrahamsson (2015).

Adsorbate induced core level shifts of transition metal surfaces by Viktor Nilsson (2013).

Numerical studies of effective diffusivity in fibrious media by Håkan Carlsson (2013).

Algorithms for multi-component phase equilibrium models in Modelica by Hans Lämås (2012).

A global optimization scheme for bimetallic nanoparticles by Keisuke Takahashi (2011).

Competing routes for NO reduction over transition metals by Eduardo Martini Rodrigues da Silva (2010).

Diffusion barriers to prevent degradation of PEM-fuel cell membranes by Sebastian Skoog (2009).

Hydrogen at the Pt/SiO2 interface by Christoffer Källerman (2007).

NOx adsorption on silver clusters by Andreas Gavrin (2007).